Day 18 Oct 31

Matt - 2050g
Ruby - 1790g
Gizmo - 1910g
Doyle - 1730g


Day 17 Oct 30

the puppies are still growing like weeds.
Matt - 2000g
Ruby - 1720g
Gizmo - 1840g
Doyle - 1690g
Have started house training them, or rather they have started house training themselves. when they wake up they leave the box to pee now and have been doing for a couple of days! amazing at only 17 days old.
they are really starting to notice each other and making attempts to play with each other now.
they change so much even in the course of the day


Day 16 Oct 29

The puppies are quite lively today. they are really walking properly now and seem to be trying to play with each other.
They can find their way out of the box easily now and toddle all over the room. They are also just about able to get back into the box, but that is hard work.
They are being handled more now by the children as well as myself, and mum and dad also came over for another visit.
Teeth are not through yet but can be felt in the gums.
Got some puppy toys today and they are showing a little bit of interest, sniffing and biting them.
Matt - 1930g
Ruby - 1620g
Gizmo - 1750g
Doyle - 1530g


Day 15 Oct 28

the puppies are really zooming around now. I put them on the floor while changing the bedding and they are all over the room. Weighing is hard too as they won't sit still.

Matt - 1700g
Ruby - 1530g
Gizmo - 1620g
Doyle - 1400g


Day 14 Oct 27

Two weeks old today.
Matt - 1650g
Doyle - 1350g
Ruby - 1420g
Gizmo - 1540g
Still growing. It is getting much easier to tell them appart without looking to see who has the white where. Ruby has always stood out as she is darker than the boys, but the boys are all very similar in colour. Gizmo has a very well defined mask, and Matt has always been easier to spot as he is so big.


Day 12 Oct 25

Matt - 1470g
Ruby - 1245g
Doyle - 1190g
Gizmo - 1370


Day 11 Oct 24

the puppies seem to have put on quite a lot of weight this time as they were weighed early yesterday and I had to wait for Amber to feed them before I could weigh them today
Matt - 1370g
Ruby - 1205g
Gizmo - 1240g
They are still wobbling along very well and their eyes are starting to open slightly.


Day 10 Oct 23

I Weighed the puppies very early today as I went to a training day (not with these puppies)
Matt - 1250g
Ruby - 1055g
Doyle - 950g
Gizmo - 1095g
Its getting much harder to weigh them now as they won't sit still. they keep climbing out of the bowl on the scales.They are really up on their legs now.


Day 9 Oct 22

Day 9

Still growing
Matt - 1155g
Ruby - 990g
Gizmo - 1035g
Doyle - 895g


Day 7 Oct 20

One week old today. their legs are getting stronger and seem to be walking a little bit. I am still doing the bio-sensor program with them.
Weights today
Matt - 955g
Ruby - 875g
Gizmo - 875g
Doyle - 725g
Doyle has made up for his smaller weight gain yesterday and Gizmo takes the prize for the most weight gained with 120g.

Day 6 Oct 19

Pups still doing well. they are getting stronger and trying to stand. They can move very fast when they want to.
Amber is not quite so posessive of them as she was. she stilll won't let the other dogs near them but she is spending more time out of the whelping box.
Weights today

Matt - 875g
Ruby - 760g
Gizmo - 755g
Doyle - 640g.
Ruby made the biggest weight gain this time as she put on a massive 110g and over took her brother. Doyle only put on 40g but he has more than doubled his birthweight and they are not a week old until tomorrow so I am not worrying too much. I have encouraged him to suckle a couple of times to day just so he doesn't slip too far behind the others.
All the pups are at least double their birthweight now.


Day 5 Oct 18

Puppies are still growing fast. Matt is still the biggest but for the first time Gizmo put on the most weight as he gained 105g today and matt only managed 100g! Gizmo has now over taken Ruby.

Matt - 790g
Ruby - 650g
Gizmo - 680g
Doyle - 600g

They seem to be able to go longer periods between feeds now and Amber is spending more time out of the whelping box. She is still very watchful if the other dogs get too near the puppies so we keep them away as far as possible.


Day 3 Oct 16

The puppies seemed to be very noisy last night. the woke me up several times. I pointed them in Ambers direction but they seem to make quite a noise when suckling.
I was worried that maybe Amber didn't have enough milk until I weighed them this morning Matt has put on 100g in a day!
the 2 middle ones have put on 75g and 70g and even Doyle the smallest has put on 65g so I don't thing they are starving.

Matt - 620g
Ruby - 525g
Gizmo - 520g
Doyle - 440g


Day 2 Oct 15

the puppies are growing well. Amber is looking after them very well.
Matt - 520g
Ruby - 450g
Doyle - 375g
Gizmo - 450g


Day 1 Oct 14

Puppy weights day 2
Boy 1 - Matt - 455g
Girl - Ruby - 390g
Boy 2 - Doyle - 320g
Boy 3 - Gizmo - 390g
the puppies have all been given temporary names by the children. all growing well. they have put on about 40 grams each.
I have started the Bio sensor programme with them.
they are in the bedroom with me at the moment and the night feeds disturbed me more than Amber I think.


Birthday Oct 13

This will be the blog of my Malinois litter. They were born on 13/10/05 to my bitch Amber. the father is my dog Casey.
We have 3 boys and 1 girl.

1st Boy 355g
Girl 355g
2nd Boy 300g
3rd Boy 415g

The puppies are all doing well and Amber seems very pleased with her babies. Here is a picture of her with the babies.