20 June 2009

Ruby went for a scan this morning to see if she is pregnant. I was convinced she isn't as I haven't noticed any changes at all. She is as slim as ever, eating the same, no morning sickness. Still running round like a greyhound and chasing rabbits. I was quite sure I would have to to tell everyone that there were no puppies, but the scan said about 8 puppies!!!!.
Goodness knows where she is keeping them. I know she isn't due for 5 weeks but I had thought there would be something to see by now.
The pictures were taken this afternoon. She loves posing on the wall for me and then from up there she could see where I had put one of her dead footballs and a stick when I cut the grass.


19 June 2009

A typical morning walking the dogs. As soon as we get to the field I let Daisy off the lead and she attaches herself to it by the teeth. I drag her round the field whist playing football with Saffy. Daisy is only small but she hangs onto the lead as hard as she can and won't let go. She is surprisingly hard to pull around. You can hear Saffy panting in the background She bounces up and down trying to get me to kick the football.

Saffy loves the football so she chases after that. We practise our heelwork on the field and then kick the football as a reward.

After a while Daisy does get fed up of her lead and then takes the football off Saffy.


14 June 2009

Today we were entered at Danesford Obedience show. They always seem to have good weather there so I put on loads of sunscreen and headed off for a day in the sun. The venue is very nice with a river running through it so the dogs can have a paddle if it gets too hot, and woodland walks too.
Saffy did seem quite happy in the woods and probably would have preferred to stay there but we did go and work our beginner round. She started out really well. Hr heel on lead was very good only losing one mark, Her heel on lead however was not quite so good as a group of people we knew happened to turn up at the ring just as we started off and Saffy decided to watch them rather than me so she went wide and completely forgot what she was supposed to be doing. Her retrieve was very good, only losing a couple of marks.
Stays were next and unfortunately she slid into a down from the sit. She obviously thought it was far too hot to be sitting around and wanted to sunbathe. She did her down stay perfectly though.
Overall I was actually very pleased with her. She is getting better at working for a longer duration without food or toy rewards and although she lay down in her sit stay she remained in position for both stays. this is the first time she has done them in competition.


08 June 2008

I took Saffy and Daisy to ringcraft tonight. Daisy has the Boston Terrier Breed Championship show on Saturday And Saffy has the Belgian shows in a month so I thought we had better practice. We haven't been to ring craft for about a year and Saffy hasn't been shown since last August so I wasn't sure what to expect from them but much to my surprise they both behaved impeccably.
They both stood and moved really well. Saffy stood like a rock for the judge, a man she hadn't met before and Daisy stood on the table like a statue . Unfortunately she went all wriggly when the judge tried to go over her but she moved like a dream. If she goes this well on Saturday she might do well.


07 June 2009

Today was Cheshire DTC Obedience show held at Shotton again. The weather was much cooler although thankfully it was dry. Only Saffy was entered and she did much better today. We did a training round first and then worked out beginner round She did some lovely heelwork in places unfortunately she was distracted by a plastic bag blowing in the wind which cost a few marks but I was really pleased with how well she worked today. She was much better than last time.
Daisy came to the show too although she wasn't entered to work we practised her heelwork in different places and it is really getting good. She has much higher toy drive than the Belgians and loves to work. I will have to start teaching her stays. At the moment sitting still is a skill that eludes her.