31 August 2009

Today should be a quieter day. Just catching up on the housework and lots of puppy watching. They are such fun to watch now. The Malinois are 6 weeks old tomorrow and the Bostons were 4 weeks old last Saturday. The Bostons spend quite a lot of time out of their cage now and do spend time with the Belgians. I do watch them carefully as the Belgians can be a bit rough, especially as there are a lot more of them

The Bostons have taken to solid food like ducks to water and they both just dive in and make sure they get enough. Both of them seem to spend more time in the food bowl than anywhere else.



30 August 2009

Another busy day. I have been meaning to replace the carpet in the conservatory since we moved in but having 11 puppies galloping on it and having accidents has rather forced the issue. The pupies house training is doing very well. When they wake up I let them out of the pen straight away and they all follow me outside for a wee but they don't always make it right outside. We now have rather nice slate coloured cushion floor in the conservatory which is much easier to keep clean.

Big Red having a rest

Turquoise's ball

Yellow wants to know what Daisy has got



29 August 2009

We had a bit of a break from puppies today. There was a companion show in our local park I took Saffy Daisy and Ruby for a day out.

Saffy and Daisy both came 3rd in their classes. All 3 had a go at the companion test which was a bit like the good citizens test and they all passed, even Daisy although she lost marks for her walking on a loose lead as she spent more time in the air than on the ground.

There was a small agility course there so we all had a couple of goes. Ruby got two clear rounds and looked really happy to be doing something other than looking after babies. She only jumped low height jumps as she is probably a bit out of condition.

Saffy did everything at her usual breakneck speed. She did all the jumps but missed the weave entry. this seems to be a bit of a problem when running courses. She can get the entry in the garden from lots of angles but always seems to miss it when running a course.

Even Daisy had a go over very low jumps and really enjoyed it The crowd loved her as she is so fast.

then we went home to play with the babies.


28 August 2009

The Malinois spent ages this morning playing with Daisy in the garden. She plays really well with them even when they all join in.


Little Red

I put two bowls down with food in but everyone crowds round one. Spot the odd puppy out. There was also a separate plate of food for the Boston Babies but Laurel chose to fight with the Malinois for their food!

I suppose that might have been because Hardy ate all theirs!


27 August 2009

All the puppies are doing really well. The Malinois are just about weaned. Ruby only feeds them very occasionally now. I hadn't planned to wean the Bostons yet as Darcy has plenty of milk for them but they took matters into their own paws. Both Bostons were out while I was feeding the Malinois and I turned round and there was Hardy helping himself. Both him and Laurel ate quite a bit. Much easier than the Malinois puppies who needed to be helped to try the food.

I have taken the collars of the Malinois puppies now. They play so wildly It is safer for them not to wear anything in case they catch them on anything. I can identify all the puppies if I am close to them but it is not as easy from a distance.

Yellow making sure no-one pinches her bone


have we got 3 Boston puppies now?


25 August 2009

Little Red in the tunnel

breakfast in the run.

Turquoise, Pink and Green

Purple eating his chicken wing

Orange sitting comfortably


24 August 2009

The Boston puppies are really growing up fast now. They love to come out of their run for a toddle round the living room. Today I took them outside for the first time. They seemed quite happy in the sunshine. They did not make the awful howling that the Belgians made the first time they went outside.

Daisy helping Darcy look after the babies

Hardy (left) and Laurel (Right)

Ruby thinks Darcy's puppies are a lot more civilised than hers


23 August 2009

The puppies have spent quite a lot of time in their run outside today. I think they like the extra space. We took more individual photos of the puppies again.

Blue Boy

Blue Boy getting a little help with his ears.


Green Boy

Green Boy refusing to stand still

Purple Boy

Purple Boy

Orange Boy

Orange Boy

Turquoise Boy

Turquoise Boy

Dark Red Girl

Dark Red Girl

Little Red Girl

Little Red Girl


Pink Girl

Yellow Girl

Yellow Girl