21st November 2009

We went to Wilmslow Agility show today. Ruby did really well getting a 10th place in Combined 1-3 jumping.
Saffy enjoyed herself but we are still looking to get that elusive clear round with her. THe good news is she got her weave entries and did two sets of weaves correctly but she just knocked a couple of poles in each run.
Lily and Milo came along for the experience and had a great time. as there were lots of people to talk to .


17 November 2009

I took Lily and Milo for a walk on the golf course today. The sun was shining and it was really nice to be out. Milo wore his coat as it is still a bit chilly. He has nearly grown out of it.

The puppies love playing on the golf course as there is so much room to run and play. I like it because there is no mud.

It makes a really nice backdrop for photos. Here is Lily looking quite grown up.

03 November 2009

I am off work this week catching up on all the things I have been too busy to do. Yesterday and today I have been gardening and have taken down a couple of large conifers that made the garden look dark.
Of course the dogs love to help out.

Ruby absolutely loves stripping bark from wood. She eagerly waits for me to cut off a branch or dig up a stump, then strips the bark and adds the stick it to her collection. I do wonder if Ruby has beaver in her ancestry. She can strip the bark from a large log in just a few minutes
Lily is not really sure what her mum is doing but is willing to help.

Daisy, Milo and Lily all wondering what Ruy finds so interesting about sticks.

Lil getting rather caught up in the branches.


02 November 2009

I am way behind updating the blog. Life is pretty hectic at the moment. Chilli is still with us although he is now called Milo as it was a bit confusig having two dogs called Lily and Chilli. Daisy and Darcy is bad enough.
Here he is wanting to come in from the garden

And having a snooze with his mum Darcy.

Last weekend I went to Midland Counties breed show with Saffy. The first time We have been to a breed show for over a year. Saffy was rather puzzled as she couldn't find any agility equipment anywhere. She was very well behaved considering she is so out of practice. She came second to her sister in her class.