Day 70 Dec 22

The puppies had their final vaccination today. Matt (now called Timber) and Doyle (now called Mally) came too. It was lovely to see them again.

The puppies were all weighed

Doyle 7.45kg

Matt 7.65kg

Flynn 9.4kg

Ruby 7.4kg.

I think Flynn will need to go on a diet. He goes to his new home with Mum tomorrow


Day 66 Dec 18

Took both puppies out together for a walk. Not easy on my own as they seem to like going in opposite directions or round the back of me and tying me in knots.

We went and stood outside the newsagents and watched people coming and going, cars parking, people pushing push chairs and riding bikes. Flynn wants to go up to everything whereas Ruby likes to sit and look for a bit. They said hello to a Dandie Dinmont terrier and his mum.

Went to see Doyle, now called Mally in his new home. he has settled in well.

Ruby with her ball


Day 65 Dec 17

Flynn went to mums for the day again to get used to his new house. He apparently helped to put up the Christmas decorations.

Ruby and Minnie went out for a walk together round the block. They said hello to a westie and his owners and saw lots of cars. Ruby is not botehred byt hem at all so hopefully will not want to chase them.


Day 63 Dec 15

9 weeks old today. Went to a puppy party at the vets. there were 2 other puppies there a tiny Jack Russell and a German Shepherd. Ruby seemed to think the Jack Russell was a toy and kept trying to chase it. The german Shepherd slept a lot of the time.

The puppies were microchipped and weighed while we were there.

Flynn was 8.25 kg. I looked up caseys weight at 9 weeks and he was only 6.6kg.

Ruby was 6.6kg and I thought she was small.! the German Shepherd was 10 weeks old but only weighed 5.8kg but he was very thin.


Day 62 Dec 14

Ashleigh and I took Flynn and Ruby for a walk around town. We went to the petshop and looked at the treats and toys which they really liked. We went to the hardware shop and the girls there were amazed how much she had grown.

they saw all sorts of strange things such as pushchairs, shopping trolleys, people with sticks. Many people stopped to say how nice they were. Two puppies seem to attract a lot more attention than one.


Day 61 Dec 13

the puppies are 2 months old today. Ruby came back this morning after spending the night at mums. she was very good and did not mind being away from home. Flynn was pleased to see her.


Day 60 Dec 12

Doyles new owner called to say that a friend of his was really impressed with Doyle (now called Mally) and asked if Matt was still available. they came to see him and took him away with them so we are down to 2 puppies, Ruby who will be staying and Flynn who will be going to mums.

Ruby stayed at mums all day and is going to come home tomorrow so there was only Flynn here after Matt went. He did not like being on his own.



Day 59 - Dec 11

Hilary came to visit this morning and enjoyed playing with all the puppies. Took them out for walks this afternoon.


Day 58 - Dec 10

stayed at home today. the puppies don't seem to have noticed that Doyle is missing and it doesn't make it much easier to manage. Took them each for a walk up the road on their own.

Doyle (left) and Flynn


Day 57 Dec 9

The people came to see Doyle this afternoon and took him with them so we are now down to 3 puppies. His new owner called to day he had got back safely, and Doyle had pulled over the christmas tree and barked at the other dogs. He seems to be settling in well!


Day 56 Dec 08

8 Weeks old today. Took ruby to Granddads house for a visit. she loved exploring. She found Grandads ornamental cat made of rabbit fur and wanted to eat it so we had to move that, then she found a fur throw that was under the stairs and obviously thought it was an animal as she wouldn't go up to it and barked at it a few times. She did get brave enough to sniff it eventually and realised it wasn't an animal.

Someone phoned about the puppies tonight and is very interested in Doyle.

Doyle at 8 weeks old


Day 53 Dec 05

Day 53

The puppies had their first injection today. We had an appointment first thing and took the puppies in one at a time. The vet cchecked them and they were fine and they didn't notice the vaccination at all.

The puppies were all weighed while we were there Matt and Flynn were 6.6kg

Doyle was 5.8kg

Ruby was 5.2kg

After that we went for a walk around the market and said hello to some of the traders. It took a while as I had to carry each puppy. they all seemed to like speaking to the new people. They did seem to get heavy though as they had to be carried


Day 52 Dec 04

Took all the puppies over to mums to do some temperament testing. They all dod really well. Doyle Matt and Ruby all scored mostly 3s which apparently indicates they should be good pets. Doyle scored more 2s which indicated he is a bit more lively which is about right. one of the tests was to put the puppies ontop of a box with a ramp and see how quickly they learn to go up and down the ramp. all the puppies managed it with a bit of coaxing except Doyle who zoomed straight down without being shown and then zoomed straight back up again. A future agility dog?

The puppies all met mums cats, none of them were quite sure what to make of these strange creatures. The cats are well used to dogs so rubbed themselves over the puppies and bashed them if they stepped out of line.

I took the puppies out for a walk on the leads again, one at a time this time, they are getting much more confident and were quite happy to go along the road for a bit.


Day 51 Dec 03

Ruby and Flynn went to Mums for the afternoon and Matt a Doyle stayed at home. They travelled in the back of the car instead of the crate for the first time. they were not keen and did yell a bit but soon settled.

Neither of them seemed to miss the others but they were definitley pleased to see each other when they came back.


Day 50 Dec 02

a quieter day today as we didn't go anywhere. spent time playing with the puppies and doing a little training with them


day 49 Dec 01

Seven weeks old today. I took them to dog training again and they ran in and said hello to everyone. They settled down in their cage very quickly and didn't yell as much as last week.

they all had a cuddle with the other people there and said hello to some of the dogs