17 October 2009

The weather is still dry but getting colder. One of the big differences between the Malinois and the Bostons (well apart from the size, the colour, the length of the nose....) is the coat. Bostons have very short fine coats with no undercoat which means they feel the cold. Belgians don't seem to mind how cold it gets. Although the Malinois have short coats they have lots of thick undercoat to keep them warm on the coldest day.
So this morning I took Lily and Chilli on an expedition to the local petshop to look at coats. It took a while to get through town as Lily insists on stopping to talk to everyone. She loves people especially children. Chilli hadn't been to town before but soon decided it was fun to talk to all the people too.
We got to the petshop eventually and started trying coats on Chilli. Lily kept getting in the way but then she noticed the rabbit hopping round the shop out of its cage so that kept her attention long enough to find a coat to fit Chilli. Then it was Lilys turn. She doesn't need a coat but her body is similar in size to the Daisy so I could be fairly sure that if a coat fitted her it would fit Daisy, and we got the next size up for Darcy who is a bit bigger than Daisy. On the way home Chilli got lots of attention because he looked so smart in his new coat.
Don't they look nice all kitted out for the winter.

Lily wanting to get in on the action

Bostons don't like sitting on cold hard floors so Chilli often makes use of Lily as she is nice and warm and comfy to sit on!

10 October 2009

We are still having some lovely dry weather so while we can still use the garden I decided to get some of the agility equipment out. I haven't had the tunnel out for ages. Saffy immediately claimed it as her own and stood in the entrance to stop anyone else going in it!

Lily and Chilli are both not really sure what it is but think it looks like fun. Once I persuaded Saffy to go through the tunnel properly they both followed her through several times.


09 October 2009

Poor Lily had a bad day today. we went for a little walk round the wooded area near the house. There is a little wooden bridge which goes over a very smelly stagnant pond. There is not much water in it and it is covered in duck weed. This can make it look like solid ground. Unfortunately I forgot that poor Lily had not been here before and she didn't realise that there was water under the green stuff so she stepped off the bridge and discovered the pond. She quickly scrambled up on to the nearest tuft of marsh grass and just sat there.
The water is not very deep but as I didn't have my wellies on I really didn't want to wade in and get her out. after a lot of calling and cajoling she finally manged to find her way back near enough to the bridge so I could reach her and pull her out.
Unfortunately for Lily when we got home I really didn't fancy carrying s smelly dripping puppy through the house to the bathroom so decided the quickest way to get her clean was to hose her down. She really didn't like that at all, but soon forgot about it once she was clean and dry again.


5 October 2009

Rosie (little Red) came to visit. she and Lily had great fun playing in the garden with Chilli. William tried to join in but can't run fast enough

I took the opportunity to take some pictures but they didn't really want to stand still.



04 October 2009

I took Lily and Chilli with me to mums this morning. As soon as we went in the garden Lily discovered a mole hill. Her mum Ruby has an obsession with molehills and loves digging in them. Maybe it is hereditary?

Lily has never seen dogs with that much hair. At first I think she was not really sure they WERE dogs but soon discovered she could play with them

Lilly and Chilli discover giants really do exist!


03 October 2009

Laurel has now left for her new home. I was very sad to see her go as she had been here such a long time but she has gone to live with a lovely couple so should be very happy. Her name is now Betty or Foxbriar American Dream.