30 June 2010

New pictures of all the puppies

Splodge. He is the biggest puppy

Maggie who is the smallest






We have had a busy couple of days. Friday was Blackpool Championship show and Milo was entered. We had to be in the ring for 9:00 so had to leave home at 6:30 to get there in time. It was Milos first championship show and I did wonder how he would be at such a big show but I needn't have worried as he had a lovely time. There were so many other dogs there to meet and lots of people to talk to. The only problem he had was that I wouldn't let him off the lead to run around the showground with his new friends.
Milo did very well in his class getting placed fourth in a very large puppy class. He moved really well and behaved perfectly.
Saturday was the Boston Terrier Club show. this was a much smaller affair than Blackpool and it was just Boston Terriers. Again Milo was a very good lad and came 3rd in both his classes. We also received some prize money at this show. 25p for each place. The winner had £1. Some people think there is money in showing dogs!

Today Claire and Cathrine came round with their babies. As you can see from the photos the Boston puppies loved the babies and the babies loved the Bostons.

William looks a little unsure at first

But Bob soon shows that he is not a threat.

Bob then turns his attention to Eryn

Maggie and Gizmo soon join in


24 June 2001

The puppies are getting very lively now. they gallop around as a herd. I still take them outside in the carrier and put them down on the grass but they often beat me back inside. They rarely bother with the little steps, they prefer to hurl themselves off the steps en masse.

When I am getting their food ready they buzz around my feet following me as I collect bowls and prepare the food. It makes it very difficult to walk sometimes as there is a sea of little black and white bodies round my feet. I wish I could video it.

They are all going to the vet this morning for a checkup and to be micro-chipped. They haven't been in the car since they were a few days old so it will be an interesting experience for them.

Little angels. They look so sweet when they are asleep it is hard to believe they are such hooligans when they are awake.

Although you can just see a glimpse of Gizmos mischevous side here.

Poor little puppies got put in jail yesterday as I thought I would see what they thought of the kennel. They weren't over impressed with the curtailment of their freedom. They did soon decide that they would eat their lunch and then settled down for a snooze. It is nice and cool in the kennel as it is in the shade and after I let the puppies out Daisy went in and had a siesta.

Gordon trying to work out how to escape.

Maggie and Gizmo living dangerously trying to steal one of Daisy's tennis balls.


21st June 2010

Italy having a light snack.

Daisy prepared to fight to defend her ball from the other dogs

Milo and his army launch their attack.

Gordon, Gizmo and Splodge.


17th June 2010

Lots of pictures today. I m trying to catch up. There should have been some videos too but I have been having problems up loading them.

Lots of Bostons

Daisy and Gizmo. Gizmo's home has fallen through so I was trying to take some pictures of him but Daisy wants to get in on the act.

Bob fell asleep in the doorway. Casey thinks it s a strange place to sleep

Italy also likes to sleep in strange places. Here she is on top of Milo. It is nice and warm for her.

Splodge playing with a ball that is bigger than he is

Gizmo shows Maggie how brave he is climbing on the wall.


12th June 2010

Todays update is a Malinois update. There will be more Boston pictures tomorrow. We had a day out and went to the Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Championship Show leaving the puppies in Robins capable hands.
In the morning Ruby and Saffy were entered in the obedience class. Saffy went first and did some very nice heelwork, and just losing a few marks on this and her retrieve.
Next was Ruby and she also did a very nice round, again not losing many marks so when I checked their scores they were tying for first place.
I assumed Saffy would not do her stays as she has had a problem with these recently but they both did their stays perfectly so we had to do a run off to see who would get first place. We did a recall to decide and Ruby did hers almost perfectly but Saffy forgot herself and instead of sitting in front of me she bounced up and hit me in the stomach with her paws, so the final result was Ruby first and Saffy second.
After lunch we did the breed Judging. Lily was in the puppy class and she won that, then Saffy came third in Post Grad and finally Ruby came 5th in the open class. All of the dogs had very nice critiques and were all graded excellent. The Lily had to challenge for best puppy and she won that too so was awarded Best Malinois Puppy in Breed.
Ruby was awarded a very nice shield for her obedience and Lily had a silver rose bowl for being best puppy.


10 June 2010

The puppies are now 5 1/2 weeks old. they are a lot more independent now. Daisy plays with them and watches over them but does not feed them very much now. They are all eating solid food really well. I usually put 2 or 3 bowls of food down but they all still like to gather round one.

House training is coming along well. As soon s they wake up I put them all into the carrier and take them outside. They have a play and then they start finding their way back to the house. I have made little steps for them so they can get down from the grass and back into the conservatory.
Splodge and Gizmo trying to pluck up the courage to use the steps for the first time.

Gizmo has made it into the conservatory

Next comes Bob

and Maggie too


05 June 2010

As the weather has been so nice and warm the puppies have had several trips outside. They seem to really enjoy snuffling about in the grass and watching the other dogs play. At first they stuck very closely to each other but were soon brave enough to venture a bit further afield.

Milo and Lily watching the puppies.

Italy and Gordon wander over to see what Ruby is playing with

Ruby is not sure she trusts Gordon near her stick. He might run away with it!


02 June 2010

The puppies are now four weeks old. Although I was only away for a couple of days it was amazing how much they changed in that time. They are now playing with each other and getting better at running about.

They are now getting teeth and every now and again there is a loud squeak when one bites another puppies ear rather hard.
They are eating more solid food now and Daisy is not feeding them as much now. and is spending more time away from them.

Milo and Lily are both very intrigued by these little dogs running round the living room. The puppies seem to think that anything big and black and white must provide food so they do chase poor little Milo round a bit

He looks very confused if they catch him and start checking his under carriage for milk!!!

Bob has found a comfortable bed.