Saffy - 31/10 - 11 Weeks old

Went to Ring craft. we didn't go last week but saffy seemed a lot more confident this week.There was a football game on the pitch by the community centre and last time we were there she looked a little worried about it but tonight didn't take any notice.
She was happy to get into the hall and immediately said hello to the dogs standing by the door. Lexi the Collie puppy was there and we haven't seen her for nearly 2 weeks. Saffy is now taller than Lexi who is a month older.

I stopped to talk to Anne Lexis owner and wasn't watching Saffy. When I looked to see what she was doing she was nose to nose with a huge mastiff. She was not intimidated by his size. As he was fawn with a black mask I think she thought he was just a rather large Malinois.

We did two classes and Saffy was quite happy being gone over appart from trying to lick the judge. She still can't stand still for very long unless i an holding a lump of cheese for her.

While we were there a Chinese Crested came towards us and Saffy looked very interested in him I think she thought he was a rabbit or something similar. then she sniffed him and she looked so surprised. as if she really couldn't believe the strange looking animal was a dog.


Saffy - 30/10 - 11 Weeks old

I have had to move the water bowl outside as there is a certain little dog in this household who not only stands with her her two front feet in the bowl when having a drink but has now decided it is fun to dig in the bowl. The kitchen floor gets soaked.

Went up to the pond again this morning. It was busy as it was a fine morning. Lots of dogs to meet. Saffy looks pleased to see people and says hello to them. A lady with two dogs stopped to say hello to Saffy. She kept saying to Saffy "no I haven't got any treats" as Saffy sniffed her hands, so I handed the lady some treats to give to Saffy, and she gave them to her own dogs and didn't give any to Saffy. Saf looked rather confused. I probably did too.

Catherine and Pete came round this afternoon. Pete sat on the floor and Saffy kept jumping on him and washing his face and ears.


Saffy - 27/10 - 11 Weeks old

Saffy and Casey went for a walk round the woods today. we met several people who all thought Saffy was lovely. Saffy liked them too. She met several dogs and she had a great time playing with a border collie puppy. spent some time playing around other dogs an in strange places. while she was playing with the other dogs I called her a few times and as soon as he came to me I sent her back to play with them again. People were very impressed with how obedient she is.

this evening I went to have a shower and Saffy followed me into the bathroom. There was an empty loo roll in there so I gave her that to play with as she does love them. Then I put the shower on. We have a wet room and Saffy walked into the shower area and looked up as the water hit her ears. she didn't know what to make of this at all. kept jumping in and out of the water and looking up and biting at it. She did get rather wet.

Saffy asleep on my shoes with her tongue hanging out. Her head is still wet from the shower.


Saffy - 26/10 - 11 Weeks old

Took Saffy to the pet shop this morning to weigh her. She is now 8.3kg so growing well. not surprising as she has really decided she likes food. She follows me out to the garage when I get the meat out for the following day and she bounces about trying to see what I am getting. and then dashes to the dog food cupboard to watch me put it in. She is very excitable when it is meal time and dances about until I give her meal.

She is going out for a walk round the block every day now and id getting much better at walking on the lead. She still tends to get under my feet a bit but it is improving.
While we are out we stop every now and again and practise doing sits and downs and giving paws and she is able to concentrate very well now.

Saffy and Amber play together quite a lot and it is lovely to see Amber playing with Saffy so nicely. Amber loves playing tug and tugs very hard, I struggle to hold her sometimes but she plays very gently with Saffy only pulling hard enough so Saffy can hold the tug.
Ruby gets Saffy to chase her round the garden. They go round and round in circles and then change direction and go the other way.


Saffy - 24/10 - 10 Weeks Old

Went for a walk this morning round the big field down the road. Dora came too. Dora kept going off ahead. Saffy followed but couldn't really keep up. When Saffy was going to Dora I would call her back to me, then she would go back to Dora again and I would call her again. Saffy comes galloping back and hurls herself at me. She does like a treat when she gets to me but I think letting her jump up and giving her a big fuss is more of a reward. I am also marking and rewarding eye contact and attention on me. She does watch me a lot and I am going to keep encouraging that. When Dora goes off Saffy is not quite as confident and she sticks very close to my legs getting between my legs and I nearly fall over her.

We had a breakthrough with training today. Saffy Discovered she has paws! Ihave been trying to get Saffy to give me her paw for a while now. I have taught all the other dogs to do this by holding a really nice treat in my hand and letting the dog sniff and try to get the treat. if they fail to get the treat with their mouth they use their paw to try to get the treat and I click the paw movement. I have tried this with Saffy several times but she never attempted to use her paw. She would sniff and lick and then try sitting and then give up. She made no attempt to use her paw at all.

I tried a different approach today and placed a treat just under the leg of my office chair where Saffy could see it but not quite reach it with her tongue. She then actually used her paw to get the treat so i clicked that. We did this several times until Saffy discovered she could just go round the chair to get the treat.

I then put a treat in my hand and first of all lay down and the she tried her paw. a few more repetions and she was using her paw straight away to get the treat. After this I presented my hand in the same position but without the treat. At first she didn't give me her paw so I waited and a few seconds later she tried her paw so clicked and gave her the treat. We did this several times

Next session I asked Saffy to sit rather than lie down and presented my hand with a treat in and waited until she tried her paw again. It took a little while for her to work out that I still wanted her to give a paw even though she was sitting but again just a few tries and she was using her paw every time.

A few more goes and I was able to drop the treat so she would put her paw in my empty hand. then I changed rooms and started asking for her paw in other places in the house. each training session only involved 5-6 treats and only took a minute ot two.


Saffy - 23/10 - 10 Weeks Old

a very quiet couple of days as Saffy has got Kennel cough so is fairly limited in where she can go.
We did go for a walk round the pond yesterday as it was fairly quiet with not many people or dogs about. Saffy is not feeling ill as far as I can see, just coughing every now and then.

still training presents. I hold a titbit out and encourage her to touch it with her nose and sit by bringing her rear up to the front. This is so we can get a nice close sit eventually. I tend to do 3-4 of these every time she comes up to me at my desk. my office chair is really good as it is on wheels so easily rolls back a little way for the next repetition.

just started getting her to trot by having her follow a titbit. She will follow it across the kitchen. will work on getting her to follow it for longer distances and then experiment with head positions to work out what gait suits her for obedience. hope we can get a nice trot like Ruby has.

Cut her toenails today. She wasn't mad keen on having the front ones done. She fidgeted quite a bit. stopped after those were done and did the rear ones tonight. I sat on the floor with her lying down chewing a toy and she didn't mind me trimming the back ones.

We went for a walk round the block tonight on our own. Saffy wasn't quite as happy on her own as she is when with Dora. If a car came past she looked a bit worried and stopped to watch it. Will alternate taking her out with the others and on her own.
She doesn't pull on the lead but still tends to go round and round and get under my feet.


Saffy - 21/10 - 10 Weeks Old

Saffy went for her first proper walk today at Brereton. Dora came too. There were a lot of people out as it was a lovely morning.
Saffy bounced out of the car and didn't seem bothered about being in another strange place. She followed Dora about. There were lots of dogs about and Saffy said hello to lots of them and to several people.

She was quite confident meeting a Doberman, a Goldie, and lots of other dogs. There were lots of people walking round the pond and a couple of times Saffy started following other people but she soon realised and came to look for us.
I took a ball with us and threw it for Dora, Saffy joined in a bit but kept chasing Dora rather than the ball. I put Dora on the lead for a bit and Saffy did play with the ball then.

We went round to the shallow area and threw the ball into the water for Dora. Dora splashed in to fetch the ball and Saffy chased her only to find herself up to her neck in water. She looked really surprised. I forgot she wouldn't know about water yet.
After that Saffy was very careful to stay out of the water. (it hasn't stopped her drinking with both front feet in the bowl though)

while we were playing in the water there was a little boy watching us. about 2 or 3 years old. He said to his dad that he wanted to buy Saffy. Luckily dad said no. The little boy came over to stroke Saffy who tried to lick his face. She hasn't met any children this small before but seemed to quite like the boy.


Saffy - 20/10 - 10 Weeks Old

Saffy didn't go out any where today as I had to help Claire (eldest daughter) move house. this meant the dogs were left for several hours on their own. which doesn't happen often. Saffy and Dora were shut in the kitchen with a bone each and the others in the bedroom.

When we got back Saffy had done one pee on the kitchen floor and was quite happy obviously coped well with being left.

All the dogs were very lively this evening. Did lots of playing with Saffy and she is getting better at giving up the toy and then doing a behavior and getting the toy as a reward. We are doing sits in the present position but she is still rocking backwards to sit rather than bringing her rear up to the front so I am holding a titbit in my hand in the front position and asking her to sit while touching the tit bit and she is starting to move the rear a bit more.

Gave all the dogs a good groom Saffy would much rather eat the brush than let it brush her, but I held a toy in one hand and brushed her while she was chewing on the toy. She still has a very obvious black saddle but there is hair of various shades of brown growing through down the centre of her back. All the new hair seems to be on her mid section she still has only soft puppy coat on her front legs, shoulders and neck and her back legs and haunches.
Ruby did go through a very black stage and now she is a red fawn so it will be interesting to see what colour Saffy ends up. Saffys ears seem to be getting longer again but they are still very upright and high set.


Saffy - 19/10 - 10 Weeks Old

Saffy had her second vaccination today. when we got to the surgery there were two teenage girls in the waiting room and they came over to say hello to Saffy. Saffy was very happy to talk to them but wouldn't let the girls stop stroking her.

Saffy was much happier in the vets this time. Last time she started shaking as soon as we got through the door but this time she was quite happy to sit on the bench and talk to people. She barely noticed the injection as she was eating biscuits. We weighed her again today and she weighed 7.2kg. Ruby at the same age was 7.4kg so they are very similar in size.

This afternoon we went for a walk around the block with Dora. Saffy does not pull on the lead but does keep wanting to swap sides and wrap her lead round me. She virtually ignores all cars now and is not so worried about Lorries.

This evening we went to dog club. Robin came too and he did some training with Saffy while I took the lesson. Saffy was ok with him but did find it hard to leave me and go to him when doing the recall. It will do her good to train with the children sometimes.


Saffy - 17/10 - 9 Weeks Old

Went to Ring craft again tonight. Last week Saffy sat by the door and watched. this week we walked about in the room. talked to people and dogs and did a class. Ann was there with Lexi Saffys border collie puppy friend so they had a good play. SAffy met lots of different dogs, among them a Chow, a cocker spaniel, a Pyrenean mountain dog and a wirehared vizsla. She is happy with other dogs likes to say hello but does not like them jumping on her much, but i can understand that.
We did one class at first i couldn't get her stood the right way round. She would only stand with her back to the judge,but as it was the first time for her i didn't worry about it. i put her on the table to be gone over as she is still small. She was very happy to see George who was being the judge, and kept trying to lick his nose.. She managed to trot up the mat and back following her toy, and afterwards she did stand facing the correct way.

When we got home i thought saffy would be tired but she wasn't . She raced around the house full of beans. i have finally seen what she does to get water all over the kitchen floor. I caught her having a drink with her front feet IN the water bowl! Puppies!


Saffy - 15/10 - 9 Weeks Old

All the dogs had marrow bones today. Saffy has really got the idea of eating different types of food in the last day or so and was really impressed with the marrow bone. She sat in the garden and chewed it for ages and carried it with her if she wanted to move so no-one else could take it.

Training today was sit down and touch. at first she wasn't sure what I wanted for the down. I had her in a sit and then put my hand on the floor with a titbit in. She put her nose down to it and kept licking and nibbling my hand. it took a while but she went down as it was easier to get at the titbit. As soon as she went down I clicked and she got the titbit. It only took a couple of goes and she was going into a down as soon as I put my hand down. i will fade the titbit and the hand movement as soon as I can.
She will now move a foot or two to touch my hand. and can sit as soon as I say.

We played tuggy and worked on give and also sit to get the toy back. To get her to let go of the toy when playing I take hold of her collar and stop pulling on the toy and wait. She soon lets go of the toy as it is boring not being able to tug. As soon as she lets go i click and let her have the toy again. Now she is letting go of the toy as soon as It touch her collar.

Dog training tonight she spent the first half in her cage and then came out to meet the other puppys. She is very confident with all the dogs there now. We walked around and let the puppys meet and the called them away from each other. Saffy is fairly good at coming as long as she is not playing too wildly.

We played while the other pups were doing recalls. Saffy was able to play with me even with the other dogs running past. Also worked on sits, touches and eye contact . At the end we had another play session with the border collie puppys. They are still a bit bigger than her as they are 14 weeks old but she holds her own. In fact I realised that there always seems to be one or other collie on their back with the others jumping on them but I have never seen Saffy on the bottom.


Saffy - 14/10 - 9 Weeks Old

A day at home. We have been out and about so much it is a good idea to stay at home and relax. We did do some training. We practised the stand and Ashleigh and Robin went over her. No problem with that. I am still working on teeth. She is not mad keen on having them looked at and moves her head away. Will keep working on it.

I Introduced different toys to play with. She is quite happy to play with lots of different toys and quite a lot of things that aren't toys such as my slippers, the mat by the back door, Dora's tail,....

Introduced the target stick today and she was very quickly touching that for a click. She is now eating much more variety of food. will try almost any titbits. She had a good chew on a chicken wing this afternoon. Her teeth are still too small to make much impression on it yet but she did like it. At least Saffy tried to eat hers. Ruby took hers to the bottom of the garden and buried it and then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting there to make sure no-one else dug it up again.

Saffy is growing well. Her new coat is coming through but is mainly black at the moment so he is starting to look a bit like a GSD. Her ears seem to be growing very tall which is adding to the look. Everyone she meets says how pretty she is.


Saffy - 13/10 - 9 Weeks Old

We went to an obedience show today. Saffy came along for the ride. She is really good in the car now. She settles in her cage without a murmur.
When we got there Saffy came out of the car for a wander round. She was a bit unsure where we were She still doesn't like dogs barking and of course there were quite a lot of dogs barking in the carpark, but she soon ignored them. We played tuggy with her squeaky fox and she focused on playing with me in a strange place.

During the lunch break we went into the equestrian center where the show was being held. We sat on the benches just to get used to the place. It was very echo-y (is that a word ?)
At first she just sat on my knee looking slightly worried but again her curiosity got the better of her and she started to explore. Several people came over to say hello and she was happy to be talked to and made a fuss of. The tannoy made several announcements and Saffy didn't take any notice of that at all. I had seen several dogs spook at the sound of the tannoy in the morning.

When we came out of the building and went to talk to various friends and their dogs. She is very calm about meeting everyone. Not worried but not jumping all over people. Everyone says how sensible she is. Of course they don't see her chasing around at home tormenting the other dogs.

At the end of the show we went for a run across the field.
Saffy livened up then. and started chasing the other dogs to play


Saffy - 12/10 - 9 Weeks Old

A quiet day today. We stayed at home and trained and played. Saffy will play with several different toys Her favorite is the squeaky fur fox we got from the petshop but she will play with rope and fleece tuggys. She will chase balls and is reasonably good at bringing them back. She can chase after a ball but needs to see it thrown or she loses it. She is starting to understand what leave means and will let go of the toy.

Saffy has definitely got the connection between click and treat. She really understands touch now and also has sit on cue. We are practicing down and stand. She is quite happy to stand and I move her feet around and handle her all over. She is OK with me lifting her lips to see her teeth. I will start getting other people handling her a bit more.

Saffy came training tonight but slept in her cage while I did the lesson. Afterwards she came out and said hello to the dogs and people that were still there. We practised sits, hand touches and eye contact.


Saffy - 11/10 - 9 Weeks Old

A very busy morning. We went for what was supposed to be a short walk to the field at the end of the road with Saffy and Dora. Saffy was much more confident out on the road today. She pretty much ignored cars going past but was a bit worried about a lorry. she moved away from the edge of the pavement and sat a nd watched until it had gone past and was out of sight.
When we got to the field we met a 7 month old Goldie and his owner so we stopped to say hello. Saffy quite liked the goldie who was very friendly. he wanted to play but was a bit rough so Saffy told him to behave. then another dog and owner came along so she said hello to him too. The goldie went home and we carried on into the field. Saffy followed Dora everywhere she went. Unfortunately Dora decided to push through the hedge into the golf course and Saffy dashed through straight after her. Luckily Dora came straight back when I called her and Saffy followed. Dora then went on the lead for a bit.
On the way home we met the post lady and stopped to say hello to her. The post lady commented on how Saffy seemed much more outgoing than Ruby when she was younger.

Tonight we went to dog club to sit in on the puppy class. The class started at the beginning of September so Saffy is a bit young for it. We have booked on to the next one but for now we can sit in on the class to get used to the hall and the dogs. Once again Saffy coped really well. at first there was a dog doing a lot of barking and that tends to worry Saffy but she soon learned to ignore it. She was happy to take treats. She loves cheese. and after 5-10 minutes had setttled down enough to play with her toys. Saffy said hello to several people including a young boy. She really liked him.

Saffy did have rather a bad experience when we got home as I made myself a cup of tea and put it on the floor for a moment while I cleared a space on the coffee table. Saffy came up to see what I was doing and put her nose straight in my cup. She sneezed and ran backwards shaking her head. Luckily it wasn't hot enough to burn her.


Saffy - 10/10 - 62 days old

Saffy had very busy afternoon helping me do some gardening. She did lots of useful things like tip the weeds out of the bucket I was putting them in and get in the way of the spade. I got the hose out to water the containers and Saffy joined with Amber and Dora to play with the water while Ruby and Casey hid inside.
This evening we went up to Ring craft for an hour. We didn't go in the classes. I sat with Ann taking the money and Saffy sat with us on the table by the door. Saffy liked Ann and and licked her face and snuffled her glasses. George came over to say hello and she washed Georges face. George went over Saffy and Saffy was quite happy with that.
Saffy said hello to Deanna and 8yo girl. As first Saffy seemed a little unsure of this small person. but once she found that there were bisuits on offer she soon changed her mind. Then she discovered that Deanna had long hair. Saffy likes biting long hair and luckily Deanna seems to like puppys biting her hair.


Saffy - 09/10 - 61 days old

Went over to mums house this afternoon to meet the other dogs. Saffy was quite happy to see them, even Zeva the Deerhound who was a lot bigger than she is. She played with some of the toys but then decided the only toy she wanted was the toy Megan the Vizsla had. Megan was not going to give up the toy but Saffy kept trying to get it, hanging on to the rope while Megan tried to pull it away from her. Saffy didn't give up. Saffy also thought Zeva's tail made a good toy but Zeva didn't agree. Saffy does seem to like long tails to play with.

We went for a walk round the garden and she met the Pyrenean Sheepdogs. She had a great time chasing them and the chased her.

She didn't know what to make of the Pyrenean puppies. At the moment they are fawn with a black nose and look like small Malinois puppys. At first she seemed to think they were some sort of toy but when she had a sniff I think she realised they were dogs .

We went to see the cats and she followed one around the front garden. She didn't chase it but did watch it closely. I think she would have chased it if it had run but the cats are used to dogs and know how to avoid getting chased.

We called in at the petshop on the way home to get her weighed again. She now weighs 6.05kg so is gaining weight well. While we were at the petshop she said hello to several people, all of whome thought she was lovely, and agreed she looked like a little fox.

Below: a relaxed puppy


Saffy - 08/10 - 60 days old

A quiet day today after all the excitement yesterday. We played tuggy and worked on touch and sit with the clicker. Saffy has not been very food motivated so far, much preferring to play.

Tonight Saffy had some tripe for tea, She ignored her usual food and kept trying to steal the other dogs food. I gave Saffy some tripe which she has ignored previously and she ate it in record time and was looking for more so I gave her more. Probably a little bit too much as her tummy was very round afterwards.

We went to dog training and Saffy seemed ratehr quiet and wasn't interested in tidbits, probably because of all the tripe. I am always telling the students not to give their dog a lot of food before the lesson and I forgot!

Saffy did have a really good time playing with the other puppys There was a new 11 week old Border collie puppy tonight as well as Lexi and Rio so we had a real puppy playtime. We let the puppys play together and then called them away from each other. Saffy came away from the other puppies quite hapily. Last week Saffy looked very small against Rio and Lexi who are 12 week old Border Collie puppies, As soon as we came into the room everyone said how big she was and I could see against Lexi and Rio she was a lot bigger. I will take her to the pet shop tomorrow to see how much she weighs.

Saffy played with the other puppies happily. she also said hello to Daisy the older border collie. She doesn't seem worried by big dogs at all. I suppose having 4 other full grown dogs at home helps.
Saffy still gets really excited when she sees Ruby the border terrier puppy in this class, I think Ruby musty look very like Saffys brothers and sisters. Saffy is quite happy to go up to all the people in the class for a fuss and a titbit. I make sure that all the men say hello to her as she doesn't see many men at home.

Below Saffy with a bone.


Saffy - 07/10 - 59 days old

We went to the BSDA show today. Casey, Dora and Ruby were entered and Saffy came along for the ride and to see Jan.
It was a long drive but Saffy soon settled in her crate and slept most of the way.
Lots of people at the show came over to see her and said how lovely she is. Saffy was very happy to see Jan again. Saffy was happy to talk to all the people. She met several dogs. and tried to play with them.
Saffy was happy to play with her favorite toy, the fox, at the show.
Dora had a very good day at the show as she won the beginner class.
Saffy was very lively when we got home from the show. She played and played with me, but she did finally give up and go to sleep.
We took some more pictures of Saffy. Her new coat is coming through.


Saffy - 06/10 - 58 days old

took saffy for a short walk down the road today. Dora came with us for a bit of moral support. Saffy kept stopping and just looking around. I don't think she realised the world was that big.

it is a quiet road but a few cars did come past. She did seem rather worried when the first one went past but after the 3rd or fourth she hardly took any notice. We went to the field at the end of the road but there as a tractor in it cutting the grass so we didn't go in for a run. I am rather glad the grass is being cut as it was very long and we could easily have lost Saffy in it.

We worked on a hand touch several times today and Saffy is touching it as soon as I put it in front of her. She still only works for her biscuits. She doesn't seem to know what to make of other titbits, even roast chicken. We also did a few sits in front between my feet as the start of the present.

Hoovered my bedroom and Saffy came to see what the noise was. She wasn't really sure what to make of the hoover but just stood and watched from a distance. this seems to be the way she deals with anything she is not sure about. I left the hoover running and had a little game of tuggy with her, she wasn't so worried about the noise that she couldn't play.

The other dogs are getting a lot more playful with her. Amber and Dora like playing with her the most. Ruby is still not sure whether she likes Saffy. If i am playing with Saffy Ruby gives me a dirty look and leaves the room. I make sure Ruby gets playtime without Saffy around.

Saffy - 06/10 - 58 days old

took saffy for a short walk down the road today. Dora came with us for a bit of moral support. Saffy kept stopping and just looking around. I don't think she realised the world was that big.

it is a quiet road but a few cars did come past. She did seem rather worried when the first one went past but after the 3rd or fourth she hardly took any notice. We went to the field at the end of the road but there as a tractor in it cutting the grass so we didn't go in for a run. I am rather glad the grass is being cut as it was very long and we could easily have lost Saffy in it.

We worked on a hand touch several times today and Saffy is touching it as soon as I put it in front of her. She still only works for her biscuits. She doesn't seem to know what to make of other titbits, even roast chicken. We also did a few sits in front between my feet as the start of the present.

Hoovered my bedroom and Saffy came to see what the noise was. She wasn't really sure what to make of the hoover but just stood and watched from a distance. this seems to be the way she deals with anything she is not sure about. I left the hoover running and had a little game of tuggy with her, she wasn't so worried about the noise that she couldn't play.

The other dogs are getting a lot more playful with her. Amber and Dora like playing with her the most. Ruby is still not sure whether she likes Saffy. If i am playing with Saffy Ruby gives me a dirty look and leaves the room. I make sure Ruby gets playtime without Saffy around.


Saffy - 05/10 - 57 days old

Went to the vet today for the first vaccination. Saffy really looked worried when we arrived at the vet. She was shaking. the receptionist gave her a cuddle and she topped shaking after a minute or two. We went into the vet and she was checked over and was fine with that. She nibbled on a piece of cheese while she had the injection and barely seemed to notice it.
We weighed her while we werew there. She weighed 5.75 kg so has put on nearly 1 lb since Monday.

When we came out and had another cuddle with the receptionist and she seemed much happier about being there.

Saffy came dog trainig again tonight. Before and after class she wandered roung the training room saying hello to the other dogs and owners. She was rather fascinated by Woody a Bichon Frise. I will have to watch that as Ruby seems to think small white fluffy dogs are toys. I don't want Saffy thinking that too.
All the dogs in class were friendly and Saffy liked saying hello to them.

She had another worm tablet tonight and that was a bit if a fight. I tried covering it with meat paste and hoped she would just eat it but she liked the paste off and spat it out on the floor where Casey got it before I could and ate it himself.

I had to resort to putting it down her throat which she hated but soon forgave .


Saffy - 04/10 - 8 weeks

Saffy has been very lively today. Casing the the other dogs and trying to get them to play with her. I got the agility tunnel out to see what she would do. She wasn't worried about it and put her head into it for a good look. She was a bit startled to see Ruby coming through the other way. I shortened it up and pointed her through it and she ran through it. She did this several times and she seemed to find it very exciting. She would run through and the dash round my back and back to the other end of the tunnel.

She has really got the idea of balls today. Before she has not been able to follow one if I rolled it. She wasn't interested in trying to chase it but suddenly today she has been galloping after balls rolled along the floor and brings it back to me. She looks very funny bouncing along.

When I was playing with Ruby, Saffy kept trying to join in and took the toy away from Ruby. Ruby didn't try to get it back, just looked at me as if asking me to get the toy back.

Saffy has discovered the bed today. She saw Amber jump onto the bed and tried to get up there. She stood on her hind legs and bounced along the side of the bed trying to get to Amber, squeaking loudly.


Saffy - 03/10 - 55 days old

A quiet day today. Just playing in different rooms around the house and out in the garden and using different toys. Saffy's favourite is the squeaky fox we got from the petshop.

This evening I put a lead on for the first time. and we went into the front garden and walked round. a few cars went past and Saffy looked at them but didn't seem too bothered by them. She takes everything very calmly. If she is not sure about something she just sits and looks. She may go and sit between my feet. She does tend to weave in and out of my legs like a cat , which is fine when I am standing but I have nearly fallen over her when walking.

We also practiced standing and looking at teeth, and sits and hand touches. she has a good idea about what the clicker means now.

We did have one problem today. Saffy caught and seriously injured one of my dogs....


Saffy - 02/10 - 54 days old

Saffy slept much better last night and didn't wake up until 5:00am. as I usually get up at 5:30 that wasn't too bad. She needed to go out so I didn't mind. Her house training has been really good we have only had 2 wees inside so far and both of them were when I put her in her crate without putting her outside first, so it was my fault not hers. Very good for a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old.
I was out most of the day so she stayed at home with the children who both had a day off school. Saffy was really pleased to see me when I got home. jumping about and chewing my shoelaces. She then bounced out into the garden and started jumping on the other dogs. She is getting really playful now. bouncing up to them and running off again. She still occasionally checks Ambers undercarriage to see if there is anything to drink there, much to Ambers disgust. Amber seems to quite like Saffy but obviously there are limits.
Saffy has decided she likes cheese very much so we did some sits and stands for tiny pieces of cheese. she loves playing tuggy too.
Saffy is fascinated by the grass that is growing between the paving slabs in the garden. She keeps chewing at it and has pulled some tufts out. She brought a big tuft of grass into the house. I threw it outside and she dashed out and tried to bring it back in again.
Saffy has now worked out what to do with bones and has been chewing on one that is nearly as big as she is.
She is still really fascinated by the puppy in the mirror and bounces about. I don't think she understands why she cant play properly with it.


Saffy - 01/10 - 53 days old

Monday, Saffy's third day at our house. After sleeping so well the first night, last night she woke up at 4:00am and decided she didn't want to stay in the crate. She eventually agreed to go back to sleep on the floor by my bed by which time it was nearly time for me to get up.
This morning we went to the pet shop where they have scales and weighed Saffy and Ruby. Saffy is 5.3kg. She is 53 days old today. Ruby was weighed at 53 days old and she was 5.2kg so they are very similar in size.
Weighed Ruby and she is 22.5 kg now.
Saffy had a walk round the pet shop and looked at the toys. She said hello to all the shop girls who thought she was very cute.
Saffy slept most of the time while I worked. She is really starting to settle down now. She is trying to play with the other dogs with mixed success. Dora would play but Saffy keeps going round to play with Dora's tail. It is so long and fluffy it must look like a tuggy toy.
Saffy came dog training tonight. I put her in her crate and she slept through most of the lesson. We then went into Anne's house with Saffy, and Lexy Anne's 12 week old Border Collie and Rio her brother. Rio and Lexy immediately started running round chasing each other. Saffy sat and looked around taking it all in. She watched the collies for a bit and then obviously decided that they were having lots of fun so she joined in with the game. all three of them had a really good time. Saffy also met Ellie the Dalmatian and Dash Ruby's border collie boyfriend. She wasn't sure about Dash as he seemed to be trying to lick her all over. She also said hello to several people at training.
At home I have introduced the clicker and we are starting to train touch and sit. We practiced standing on the table and being handled.
She is eating well. She likes her food but is not sure about the titbit's I use for training the other dogs so I use her normal food.
The other dogs had bones today I gave Saffy one but she wasn't sure what to do with it. she pounced on it and stalked it but didn't do much chewing. She has a much softer bite than I remember Ruby having.
Ashleigh and I tried to take pictures of Saffy standing yesterday. Much more difficult than it sounds