26th January

Rosie went home today and suddenly the house feels very empty. Rosie is definitely the naughtier of the two puppies and forever leading Lily into mischief. She was very happy to see her mum. Lily is now feeling a bit lost as she has lost her playmate.


24th January 2010

we went to Manchester Championhip show yesterday as Lily was six months old on the first day. there were no Malinois classes so we went into AVNSC. Lily was second in minor puppy bitch. Lily had a lovely time there as there were lots of new people to talk to. She was very interested in the dog food stands as some of those had samples to test.

Today we started her new puppy training class. It was held outside so was very cold. Lily really enjoyed it. She is learning to walk nicely on a loose lead. Stays are a bit harder as she doesn't like to be still for more than a couple of seconds.


22 January 2010

Early morning fun. Rosie and Lily have such a good time playing together on their walks.


20 January 2010

While Rosie is here I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some family photos for the album. First got Ruby into position. She doesn't like having her picture taken much but is a good girl and will stay where I ask her.

Next I persuaded Lily to get in position. She is not sure why I want her to stay on the settee rather than the floor but if it involves a biscuit then she will go along with me.

Next Rosie. She does not want to get on the settee. Not that she normally has a problem being on furniture. Anyway she poses nicely on the floor so that will do.

The plan was to get Casey along next to add him to the photo but then Milo came along to see what he was missing. He discovered that the others were getting biscuits for sitting nicely.

The girls decided that playing with Milo would be more fun than sitting still looking pretty.


15 January 2010

The dogs have been a bit bored while we have had the snow. They love going for walks in it but Agility training has been cancelled for a week.
Saffy has been passing the time by watching TV. her favourites are programes with dogs in . She likes Victoria Stillwell.
I got a couple of Agility training CDs for Christmas and she loves watching those too.
When agility starts again I will see if she has been paying attention.


10 January 2010

We have a visitor for the next to weeks. Rosie has come to stay while her owner escapes the snow by going to Jamaica.
Lily is loving having her sister to stay and they run and run through the snow.
This is Lily

And this is Rosie,



08 January 2010

We have had no more snow since Tuesday but it has been really cold here. Minus 15 last night. It is as cold as a freezer. This picture of Saffy was taken when we got back from our walk. It was so cold ice crystals formed on on her eyebrows and whiskers, and the hair in her ears and ruff also turned white with frost. It made her look like a really old dog


05 Jan 2010

At last we have some snow. The rest of the country seems to have been snowed in for weeks but we have remained very cold and frosty but snow free. We have about 3 inches of snow now whih is great for the dogs as they love playing in it. Even Daisy and Milo have been out playing although they don't stay out as long as the Belgians

The forecast is for frost over night so the snow should be around tomorrow too. The only downside is that agility was cancelled tonight which is a shame as we were looking forward to it after the winter break.
I was working today and people who had to travel into the office were sent home early. One disadvantage of working from home is that you can't use snow as a reason for not going to work.