Day 48 Nov 30

Took the puppies up to ring craft tonight. first of all I had Ruby and Flynn and then swapped over and brought Matt and Doyle.

They took it all in their stride. Flynn Doyle and Matt walked in as if they owned the place and said hello to all the other dogs and people. Matt found the christmas tree and wanted to play with the baubles. ribu was a little less sure of the place and spent a little time sitting under a chair looking around but she soon settled down. She played with a mini Dachshund and a Samoyed.


Day 30 Nov 12

The puppies went for a ride in the car today in the cage. they soon settled to sleep. We parked in a car park and stood by the road holding the puppies so they could see the cars going past.

Matt can now get out of the puppy pen in the kitchen if I leave the door open. there will be no stopping them soon.

Matt - 3290g

Ruby - 2650g

Gizmo - 3240g

Doyle - 2870g


Day 29 Nov 11

Matt - 3120g

Ruby - 2600g

Gizmo - 3140g

Doyle - 2760g


Day 27 Nov 09

Introduced the clicker to the puppies today. I got a bit of cat food on my fingers and clicked as I let the puppies lick it off. they seemed to register the clicker but wern't bothered by it.

We are still practising the stand and handling the puppies all over each day

Mum came over to play with them and they went outside for a run around at lunchtime as the weather was good. they really seem to loke running around on the patio and sniffing around the plant pots.

I put little cat collars on them today so they could get used to wearing them. they scratched at them a bit but soon forgot about them.

Matt - 3040g

Ruby - 2510g

Gizmo - 2980g

Doyle - 2600g

The puppies are still eating only small amounts of meat but are obviously getting enough milk from Amber as they are growing well


Day 26 Nov 08

The puppies are eating a bit more now. They had tripe for tea last night and for dinner today. they still wan to feed from Amber whenever they see her.

They hav been in to all the rooms down stirs now and are getting much more confident running around from room to room.

They are really play fighting now and are starting to play tuggy

Matt - 2920g

Ruby - 2420g

Gizmo - 2850g

Doyle - 2500g


DAY 25 Nov 07

The puppies had scrambled egg for lunch today and they seemed to like it as it disappeared very quickly.

Matt - 2850g

Ruby - 2320g

Gizmo - 2690g

Doyle - 2390g


Day 24 Nov 06

Weighed the puppies this morning

Matt - 2790g
Ruby - 2270g
Gizmo - 2640g
Doyle - 2350g

Ruby is the smallest nowand Doyle is doing his best to catch up with the other two. I will not be able to weigh Matt for much longer as I think the scales only weigh up to 3 Kg.

The puppies had their first car ride today. I put them in the back and then we went up and down the drive twice! They were fine and I am not sure they even noticed we moved.

I hoovered round the puppy pen this morning while they were awake and they totally ignored the vacuum cleaner.


Day 23 Nov 05

Puppies are getting more confident. When they went outside this morning they were exploring further and looking round rather than just standing and whining.

They had a walk round the kitchen after that and have been in to the living room. I am aiming to give the puppies at least one new experience a day.

Claire and Tristan came round so they had a cuddle of the puppies.


Day 21 Nov 03

Three weeks old today. The puppies are eating a bit of solid food but are still feeding a lof from Amber. I put them into the pen in the kitchen for an hour but they didn't like it much and yelled but they don't need to move out there permanently yet so I will just put them in it for a time each day to get used to it.

I am still putting them outside while I clean the bed out and they are wandering off the blanket a bit more and seem more aware of their surroundings.

they have already experienced many different surfaces such as Laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, carpet, Lino, concrete paving slabs, grass and of course newspaper and vet bed.

they are finding it much easier to get in and out of the whelping box now and wander all over the room. they are playing with eachother and toys and everything is going into their mouths. Matt seems to have a couple of teeth but the others aren't through yet.

Matt - 2480g

Doyle - 2060g

Ruby - 2080g

Gizmo - 2350g

Matt is about the weight that Dora was when we got her so it just shows how small she was. She was either alot younger than 8 weeks old or very under nourished. she is heavier than Amber now, and about the same height at the shoulder.


Day 19 Nov 01

The puppies are still growing well. they are getting more lively and taking more interest in toys.
Matt - 2050g
Ruby - 1790g
Gizmo - 1910g
Doyle - 1730g