30th December 2009

We had a small inter club agility competition last night and I took both Ruby and Saffy along. I think they were pleased to be doing agility after having a couple of weeks off. Saffy managed to get her first ever clear round in a competition in the jumping and almost got another clear in the agility but spoiled it by stopping at the top of the A frame and then jumping off from there totally missing the contact. She did redeem herself by getting 5th place in her jumping round.
Ruby did even better getting a clear round and 4th place in her jumping round and then got her first ever win in the agility class. She ran beautifully.
Lily came along too for some socialisation and had a really good time talking to all the new people and at the end she got the chance to have a go at the tunnel and as soon dashing through like an expert. Another agility dog in the making?


25th December 2009

We had a very nice Christmas. For the first time in about 20 years I was up before the children and I walked all the dogs before they got up to open their presents. The dogs all got presents. Squeaky toys, tennis balls and chews. The Bostons got nice new red jumpers to keep them warm. The video shows Lily, Daisy and Milo playing with the squeaky Christmas wreath which was their favourite toy until someone chewed a hole in it and took out the squeak.
The dogs had a very nice Christmas breakfast of a whole turkey wing each.


21 December 2009

Lily is 5 months old today. Time goes so quickly.

the pictures were taken on the golf course, one of their favourite places to play. All the dogs particularly like the bunkers and love to chase each other round and round.
We must be one of the few places in the country who don't have snow. It is just really cold here.

The video shows Lily , Milo and Daisy playing. Lily gets hold of Daisy's tennis ball and runs off with it. This is a favourite trick to make Daisy chase her.


21st November 2009

We went to Wilmslow Agility show today. Ruby did really well getting a 10th place in Combined 1-3 jumping.
Saffy enjoyed herself but we are still looking to get that elusive clear round with her. THe good news is she got her weave entries and did two sets of weaves correctly but she just knocked a couple of poles in each run.
Lily and Milo came along for the experience and had a great time. as there were lots of people to talk to .


17 November 2009

I took Lily and Milo for a walk on the golf course today. The sun was shining and it was really nice to be out. Milo wore his coat as it is still a bit chilly. He has nearly grown out of it.

The puppies love playing on the golf course as there is so much room to run and play. I like it because there is no mud.

It makes a really nice backdrop for photos. Here is Lily looking quite grown up.

03 November 2009

I am off work this week catching up on all the things I have been too busy to do. Yesterday and today I have been gardening and have taken down a couple of large conifers that made the garden look dark.
Of course the dogs love to help out.

Ruby absolutely loves stripping bark from wood. She eagerly waits for me to cut off a branch or dig up a stump, then strips the bark and adds the stick it to her collection. I do wonder if Ruby has beaver in her ancestry. She can strip the bark from a large log in just a few minutes
Lily is not really sure what her mum is doing but is willing to help.

Daisy, Milo and Lily all wondering what Ruy finds so interesting about sticks.

Lil getting rather caught up in the branches.


02 November 2009

I am way behind updating the blog. Life is pretty hectic at the moment. Chilli is still with us although he is now called Milo as it was a bit confusig having two dogs called Lily and Chilli. Daisy and Darcy is bad enough.
Here he is wanting to come in from the garden

And having a snooze with his mum Darcy.

Last weekend I went to Midland Counties breed show with Saffy. The first time We have been to a breed show for over a year. Saffy was rather puzzled as she couldn't find any agility equipment anywhere. She was very well behaved considering she is so out of practice. She came second to her sister in her class.


17 October 2009

The weather is still dry but getting colder. One of the big differences between the Malinois and the Bostons (well apart from the size, the colour, the length of the nose....) is the coat. Bostons have very short fine coats with no undercoat which means they feel the cold. Belgians don't seem to mind how cold it gets. Although the Malinois have short coats they have lots of thick undercoat to keep them warm on the coldest day.
So this morning I took Lily and Chilli on an expedition to the local petshop to look at coats. It took a while to get through town as Lily insists on stopping to talk to everyone. She loves people especially children. Chilli hadn't been to town before but soon decided it was fun to talk to all the people too.
We got to the petshop eventually and started trying coats on Chilli. Lily kept getting in the way but then she noticed the rabbit hopping round the shop out of its cage so that kept her attention long enough to find a coat to fit Chilli. Then it was Lilys turn. She doesn't need a coat but her body is similar in size to the Daisy so I could be fairly sure that if a coat fitted her it would fit Daisy, and we got the next size up for Darcy who is a bit bigger than Daisy. On the way home Chilli got lots of attention because he looked so smart in his new coat.
Don't they look nice all kitted out for the winter.

Lily wanting to get in on the action

Bostons don't like sitting on cold hard floors so Chilli often makes use of Lily as she is nice and warm and comfy to sit on!

10 October 2009

We are still having some lovely dry weather so while we can still use the garden I decided to get some of the agility equipment out. I haven't had the tunnel out for ages. Saffy immediately claimed it as her own and stood in the entrance to stop anyone else going in it!

Lily and Chilli are both not really sure what it is but think it looks like fun. Once I persuaded Saffy to go through the tunnel properly they both followed her through several times.


09 October 2009

Poor Lily had a bad day today. we went for a little walk round the wooded area near the house. There is a little wooden bridge which goes over a very smelly stagnant pond. There is not much water in it and it is covered in duck weed. This can make it look like solid ground. Unfortunately I forgot that poor Lily had not been here before and she didn't realise that there was water under the green stuff so she stepped off the bridge and discovered the pond. She quickly scrambled up on to the nearest tuft of marsh grass and just sat there.
The water is not very deep but as I didn't have my wellies on I really didn't want to wade in and get her out. after a lot of calling and cajoling she finally manged to find her way back near enough to the bridge so I could reach her and pull her out.
Unfortunately for Lily when we got home I really didn't fancy carrying s smelly dripping puppy through the house to the bathroom so decided the quickest way to get her clean was to hose her down. She really didn't like that at all, but soon forgot about it once she was clean and dry again.


5 October 2009

Rosie (little Red) came to visit. she and Lily had great fun playing in the garden with Chilli. William tried to join in but can't run fast enough

I took the opportunity to take some pictures but they didn't really want to stand still.



04 October 2009

I took Lily and Chilli with me to mums this morning. As soon as we went in the garden Lily discovered a mole hill. Her mum Ruby has an obsession with molehills and loves digging in them. Maybe it is hereditary?

Lily has never seen dogs with that much hair. At first I think she was not really sure they WERE dogs but soon discovered she could play with them

Lilly and Chilli discover giants really do exist!


03 October 2009

Laurel has now left for her new home. I was very sad to see her go as she had been here such a long time but she has gone to live with a lovely couple so should be very happy. Her name is now Betty or Foxbriar American Dream.


30th September 2009

Well the peace and quiet didn't last long. Due to an unexpected change of circumstances Hardy is back home. He will be staying until a suitable new home is found.

Laurel is not sure she wants him back as he does play rough.

Daisy is trying to work out how to place an advert on the internet for him


28th September 2009

Laurel seems to be very relaxed. Obviously enjoying the extra space now Hardy has gone.
Poor Lily has to sleep on the floor.


27 September 2009

We went to Dashin dogs Agility show today. Ruby and Saffy were entered and Daisy and Lily came along for the ride and the socialisation. Ruby hasn't been to an agility show for several months as she has had time off while she had the puppies.
I think she was happy to be back as she jumped very well getting a clear round and being placed 10th in combined Grade 1&2 out of about 100 dogs.
Saffy is getting better but silly mistakes by her handler (me) are preventing her getting that clear round

Ruby with her reward


26 September 2009

Hardy has gone to his new home today. He will now be known as Chilli or Foxbriar Orlando Prince. Laurel is staying another week and will go next weekend.


24 September 2009

video of the puppies playing. Hardy is one side of the gate having squeezed through. Laurel and Lily are he other side with Laurel sitting on top of Lily. Daisy is watching from the kitchen and when someone squeaks loudly she hurries in to make sure no-one is hurt.

in the second video Daisy seems to be trying to pull Hardy out from the other side of the gate and when she fails poor Lily gets the blame.


21 September 2009

I took Lily to mums yesterday and the Boston Babies came too for their first car ride. They slept through the car ride and bounced into mums garden without turning a hair.


checking out the water feature

worn out


20th September 2009

It has been a really busy week. Although we are down to only three puppies life seems more hectic than ever. Lilly the Malinois started ringcraft on Monday night and then there is puppy class on Wednesdays. The other dogs still have their agility classes and then there are trips out to meet people, trips to the vet for vaccinations and on top of that I need to work to support them all.

Laurel the Boston has a new trick. She squeezes under the baby gate and then climbs the stairs. Then she sits at the top and yells until someone comes to rescue her. She can actually get down herself but I think she likes the attention.

Hardy follows her to see why she is making so much noise

And Darcy likes to keep an eye on them too.

Lily and the Boston puppies are great fun to watch playing. Much better than television.


14 September 2009

we are down to Just one Malinois puppy now. Pink is the last puppy here and she will be staying. Her name is Foxbriar Naughty but Nice. She will be getting another name but for the moment she is staying Pink


Of course the Boston puppies are still here so Pink is not totally without anyone to play with.
Laurel and Hardy are big enough to make good playmates these days.



There is only one picture of Laurel as she refused to stay still long enough to take more than that.


13September 2009

A Busy weekend Both Big Red and Turquoise went to their new homes on saturday. Big Red is now known as Ruby or Foxbriar Femme Fatale and is living near London. Turquoise is now known as Saxon or Foxbriar Dashing Desperado .
Sunday morning saw us all off in the van to meet up with Blue's new owners. As they live in the West Country we agreed to take him half way. Pink and Little red came along for the ride as did Ruby, Saffy and Casey.
Although it was the first time in the van for the puppies they settled down quickly and traveled very well. Thankfully no one was sick.
When we got to the meeting point all the puppies bounced out of the van to meet Blues new owners. They didn't seem phased at all by all the sights and sounds of the motorway.
Blue will probably be keeping his name but his registered name is Foxbriar Bold Brigand.

On the way back I called into pick up some bones from my butcher. He had saved me loads from a cow so the dogs had a good time this afternoon chewing those.

Little Red was the Last puppy to go to her new home. She will now be known as Rosie or Foxbriar Shady Lady. Rosie is staying in Crewe so we will see her very often.
Little Red

Little red

Little Red