Introducing Saffy

Saffy is the newest member of our family. She is a 7.5 week old Malinois puppy and she arrived here yesterday from Jan Ralph's Bonvivant Kennels.
She has had a very exciting first day.
We stopped at mums on the way home and Saffy had a look round mums garden, then went into the house and said hello to granddad and Penny the terrier, She seemed to take it all in her stride. Then it was off again to home.
We went straight into the back garden where she had a wee and a look round.
I started letting the other dogs out, one at a time so as not to overwhelm her. Dora first, then Ruby, Casey and Amber. They all had a bit of a sniff. Saffy seemed quite happy to see them. She looked really interested when she saw Amber, as Amber is the one who looks most like her mum, but Amber was not interested in mothering Saffy. Saffy seems to think Doras long fluffy tail is a toy and dora doesn't like that much, but all the dogs seem to be quite happy around her.
As it was my daughter Ashleigh's 18th birthday we had to leave Saffy and the other dogs for a couple of hours while we went out. I put her in her crate with the rest of her tea and hoped she wouldn't make too much noise. We arrived back and all was quiet. She had eaten her tea and was quite settled.
Then all the other children and partners arrived back from the restaurant so we all sat in the living room while Saffy got to meet 6 new people. She doesn't like being picked up much but is quite happy to sit and be cuddled once up there.
Once everyone had gone it was bed time so I put her in the crate in my bedroom. She looked as if she would go to sleep quickly but she did start yelling when the light went off. This was her first night on her own without her litter mates so not really surprising. I just spoke to her quietly and left her to see if she would drop off as she had had a very busy evening and should have been shattered. and in less than 10 minutes she settled down and was asleep. She did wake once or twice in the night as I heard her moving around but she didn't want to go out so I just left her alone.
We got up at 6:00 this morning. She had been clean in her crate. no accidents at all so far.
she had a wander round and said hello to the other dogs, had a bit of a play and is now snoozing in Ruby's bed.
She has coped very well with all the changes so far. Sudden movements worry her a bit as do sudden loud noises, she startles and the recovers quickly. she hasn't met the Hoover yet, but took no notice of my hairdryer. She didn't much like it when Casey dropped one of the metal food bowls on the floor, but soon got over it. He does drop them quite often so I am sure she will soon be ignoring that. She is fascinated by the puppy in the mirror in the bedroom and keeps trying to get it to play with her.
She can manage to scramble in and out of the back door on her own and has found her way into all the downstairs rooms. She thought the shower curtain in the bathroom was a bit suspicious, but still came in there to see what I was doing.