21st July 2010

Today is Lily's first birthday. It is amazing how quickly they year has gone.
We started agility last night and once she settled into the class she did very well. She happily jumped the jumps and was really good at following my body language . She wasn't sure about the A Frame but I am sure she will soon get the hang of it.

Rosie and Lily playing


18 July 2010

Saturday was National Working and Pastoral breeds show. This was Lily's last show as a puppy as she is one on Wednesday. She did really well winning best puppy in breed.

Gordon has now left home and gone to seek his fortune in London, so it is getting much quieter here.

Italy is still here at the moment and she is getting more like her mum every day

Here she is making sure that Splodge knows who is Boss.

Splodge has been rescued.


16th July 2010

Every morning I take Lily Daisy and Saffy up to the golf course for their walk. Once there we play ball. Well Saffy plays with her Frisbee and Lily and Daisy have their tennis balls. Both Daisy and Lily have their own personal tennis ball and will not fetch each others ball If they run to a ball and find it is not their ball then they just give me a filthy look and come back without the ball. Luckily they are pretty good at keeping track of which ball I am throwing.


Lily is very enthusiastic and hurls herself in the air to catch the ball while it is still in the air.


11th July

It is much quieter here now as some of the puppys have departed for new horizons. Maggie was the first to go, sailing off yesterday morning for the channel Islands. Gizmo has not gone quite so far, staying in the county. Bob came with us down to East of England show where he met up with his new owners and made his way back to Kent.
Milo was entered at the show and did very well, coming Second in Puppy dog in a large class. This qualifies him for Crufts next year.

Italy posing on the wall. Ears well on the way up.

Gordon and Splodge, Gordons ears are almost up now too

Splodge is too big to use the baby step now.

Gordon finds the flags nice and cool.


07 July 2010

Maggie is the first puppy to put her ears up

Bob and Milo having an afternoon nap

Bob and Lil

Naughty puppies. I am getting down low to take a picture and Maggie Bob and Gordon think the camera strap makes a good toy.


4th July 2010

This weekend I have been away in the caravan to Dashing Dogs agility show leaving Robin and Ashleigh looking after the babies.
Saturday was not very successful as although Ruby ran well, silly errors on my part meant we got eliminated twice. We did get an eight place our Agility class though.

Sunday was much better as I really made an effort to handle properly and it really paid off as we WON our first class of the day, Grade 1 agility. This now means we are now grade 2.

Ruby also got a clear round in her jumping and a 6th place in the combined 1-2 Agility so we had a really good day.

Ruby does like her agility but what she likes most in the world is playing in the garden with her sticks and as you can see from her photo the first thing she did when she got home was go outside to check they were still where she had left them.


02 July 2010

Puppys teaching Robin to Dance!

Maggie wants Uncle Milo's ball

The don't play all the time. Gordon having 40 winks under the chair

Bostons do like their comfort and prefer to sleep on a piece of vet bed rather than the cold hard floor

Italy snoozing in solitary splendour