30 September 2008

I arrived at the hosue early this morning to drop off the tiles. I could see immediately that there had been more work done on the bathroom. The bath was now in the middle of the front lawn.

The old kitchen has gone and several of the new units are being fitted. I hope it will be completed before we move on Friday otherwise we will have no where to put the furniture.
The kitchen fitter has laid out all the kitchen bits and tools over the living room almost completely covering the floor.

I pulled up the horrible orange carpet from my bedroom. it was so old the foam backing turned to a dusty powder that seemed to get everywhere. the backing fell off in lumps all the way through the house making an awful mess. Even with bare floorboards the room looks much better.

I went back tonight to do some painting and there has been more progress. tiling has been started in the bathroom and more units in the kitchen


28 September 2008

Packing, Packing and more packing. this weekend has been spent packing. Just about everything we own has been dismantles and put into a box or a bag.

The dogs follow me from room to room looking worried. They know something is going on but don't know what.

I have made no end of trips to the tip. It is hard to believe we could have acquired so much rubbish in the four years since we moved. I got rid of loads of stuff last time we moved but it seems to multiply when my back is turned.
Robin has been forced to tidy up his things too.


25 October 2008

I took a few things over to the new house today. Took loads of pictures of it before the work starts on the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen is very seventies with mis matched units. the new one is being installed next week and will hopefully be completed before we actually move in.

The bathroom is very blue with turquoise accessories. I am sure it was very fashionable when the house was new but I am going to change it for a white suite. It is actually a lot more blue than it appears in this picture.


24 September 2008

it has been a while since my blog was updated. first of all both Ruby and Saffy came into season one after the other so we had to miss a couple of shows, and then I managed to sell the house so getting ready to move has been taking up a lot of time.

We are due to move (fingers crossed) next Friday 03/10, but there is a lot to do before hand so the Mali-blog is being temporarily converted into a moving blog.....