30 May 2009

We went to a Working Trials training day today. I had started training Ruby to track and search but had not done any for a couple of years. The first thing we did as a track and At first Ruby looked a little bit unsure what we were doing but I was pleased to see she soon remembered and followed the track to the article. Then we did a search and She did find the articles but dropped them before bringing them all the way back to me. I was still pleased though, as it was so long since she had done any searching.
Next Saffy had a go at tracking and once she got the idea did really well finding the article at the end. She also had a go at the long jump and scale.
Both dogs did some heelwork and retrieves. We had a very enjoyable day. I would like to do working trials with the dogs if I could find the time between training for agility, obedience, heelwork to music.....


28 May 2009

Ruby and Saffy were both entered at the Border Collie Club of Wales show today. It was a beautiful day really sunny. The ground at Shotton is a lovely venue with a great walk down by the river. The dogs were obviously very pleased to be back at a show however they were not really very good in the ring. They were too busy looking around and were very distracted by all the sights and sounds. Saffy did a good retrieve and recall but here heelwork was pretty well non existant. :( She did do her stays though.


24 May 2009

Its a lovely sunny day today. The Bostons with their very short fine coats love the heat and hate being cold. They particularly love the conservatory where they bask like lizards in the sun. I had just been out and when I came back and opened the door they both dashed out and flopped down in their stomachs in the sunshine like two Boston fur rugs. The picture wasn't posed at all


21 May 2009

A busy day today This morning Ruby and I set off for St Albans for lunch with Muriel. It was a 3 hour drive down the motorway, but luckily the traffic was not too bad so we made good time.

After a cup of tea and a walk round the garden we let Ruby and Bandit out to play. They were really pleased to see each other, and I am very pleased to report that in 9 weeks time all being well there will be the patter of little Outlaw feet


19th May 2009

I work mainly from home which is great as it means that the dogs don't get left for too long at a time. It does have its own disadvantages such as the competition for the seats. Daisy loves my chair and can usually be found settled down behind me like a furry back rest,which I don't mind. What I do mind though is when she decides she needs a bit more room and starts wriggling around an digs her feet in my back in an attempt to push me off the chair.
If I am busy with something I don't always notice and then will realise that I have been edged almost off the chair and daisy is stretched out on the seat.
When Darcy arrived things got a little more complicated as they both wanted to sit on the chair which left no room for me at all, and they wouldn't sit quietly, they kept shoving each other and me in an effort to get the best place. That didn't do them much good though as when they got too rowdy they both got dumped on the floor. I have now put a bed under the desk and Darcy snoozes in that most of the time only getting on the chair if I get up.

14 May 2008

Although it looks like the camera is playing up
and taking double pictures it isn't really. There really are two Boston Terriers on the settee. Daisy has been joined by her friend D'arcy.
D'arcy has come to stay due to a change of circumstances for her previous owner. D'arcy was the Boston who intoduced me to the breed and the reason I got Daisy so when I heard she needed a new home I was happy to offer her one.

I think Daisy likes having another Boston around. The Malinois are getting used to it too. If she helps keep Daisy out of their hair it will be a good thing.
I am not sure what to do about her name as Daisy and Darcy sound very similar. I have thought about changing it but I have always known her as D'arcy and I haven't found a name I like yet.


10 May 2009

Saturday we went to The National show to watch the Malinois classes. We should have been going to an obedience show but as both girls are now in season we couldn't go.
We were back there on Sunday for Daisy's first show. She was being handled by Laura in the Minor Puppy bitch class. She enjoyed herself very much but totally forgot how to stand still. She made it very difficult for the judge to go over her by wiggling excitedly and kissing his face. Unfortunately she wasn't placed this time. I will do some more training as we have the Northern Boston Terrier club show in about a month and it would be good if she could behave herself there.

After the Boston Judging finished Ruby was booked in to have her eyes tested and I am pleased to report that they were fine.

Then we went home and the girls came to Visit. William loves Daisy and got very excited watching her retrieve her toy.


07 May 2009

We have had a quiet couple of weeks with no shows to go to. Saffy is in season so she is not going to any classes. We will be going to spectate at the National on Saturday and Hopefully Daisy will be showing there on Sunday.

Ruby and Daisy both went to our Competition Obedience class last Friday instead of Saffy. Whether it was because of the bank holiday but no-one else turned up so we had the whole class to our selves which was really good as we were able to work on lots of things.

I have been doing lots of gardening as the garden had really been left to go wild. now spring is here it is interesting to see what flowers are growing. The previous owner obviously loved Rhododendrons and azaleas as there are lots of them blooming just now. the colours are gorgeous and they smell wonderful.