30th December 2009

We had a small inter club agility competition last night and I took both Ruby and Saffy along. I think they were pleased to be doing agility after having a couple of weeks off. Saffy managed to get her first ever clear round in a competition in the jumping and almost got another clear in the agility but spoiled it by stopping at the top of the A frame and then jumping off from there totally missing the contact. She did redeem herself by getting 5th place in her jumping round.
Ruby did even better getting a clear round and 4th place in her jumping round and then got her first ever win in the agility class. She ran beautifully.
Lily came along too for some socialisation and had a really good time talking to all the new people and at the end she got the chance to have a go at the tunnel and as soon dashing through like an expert. Another agility dog in the making?


25th December 2009

We had a very nice Christmas. For the first time in about 20 years I was up before the children and I walked all the dogs before they got up to open their presents. The dogs all got presents. Squeaky toys, tennis balls and chews. The Bostons got nice new red jumpers to keep them warm. The video shows Lily, Daisy and Milo playing with the squeaky Christmas wreath which was their favourite toy until someone chewed a hole in it and took out the squeak.
The dogs had a very nice Christmas breakfast of a whole turkey wing each.


21 December 2009

Lily is 5 months old today. Time goes so quickly.

the pictures were taken on the golf course, one of their favourite places to play. All the dogs particularly like the bunkers and love to chase each other round and round.
We must be one of the few places in the country who don't have snow. It is just really cold here.

The video shows Lily , Milo and Daisy playing. Lily gets hold of Daisy's tennis ball and runs off with it. This is a favourite trick to make Daisy chase her.