26 April 2009

This evening I saw Ruby acting strangely round the bags of topsoil In the corner of the garden so I went to see what she was up to and discovered she had managed to bury a bone in one of them. I have no idea when.

She then proceeded to pull it out and took it on to the lawn and started dancing around it!


23 April 2009

We have had a very quiet couple of weeks. We haven't been to any shows just chilled out at home playing and gardening and enjoying the lovely weather. We have had no rain for nearly two months and it is great for being outside but the grass is suffering as it can't get growing. I am sure it will start raining soon and then I will moan about everything being too wet and too muddy.

I dug up a conifer today that was dying and put it out to go to the tip but Ruby decided it was suitable to add to her stick collection with a few modifications. SHe peeled all the bark off the trunk and the started to chew the roots off. Saffy and Daisy are really not sure what is so fascinating about the stick but hung around and played with the bits of bark Ruby pulled off.


10 April 2009

We went to TAG agility show today at Shrewsbury Showground. Ruby went in the ring first in the graded 1-3 agility. I wasn't sure how she would do as she has been lame on and off for the last month but she was obviously glad to be back doing agility and she does love being outside. She ran really well on what was quite a challenging course. There was 12 right hand weaves which were catching quite a lot of people out but Ruby has good independent weaves so they were no problem for her. She even managed to get all her up contacts which she struggles with more than the down ones for some reason. We did a clear round. I was so pleased that she enjoyed herself and wasn't lame but then I found out we had been placed second! What a little star she is.

Saffy was also entered but didn't manage quite so well. she tends to lose her mind when faced with contact equipment although she got her contacts she skipped a couple of jumps to get on the A frame. I knew she couldn't do the righthand weaves so made sure I called her to me and tried to do them from the left but she was just too excited to concentrate on them. She had fun though.

Ruby also got a clear round in her combined Agility but was not quite quick enough to get placed this time. I ran Saffy in a jumping class to see if she could do better without the contact equipment. and she did the second half of the course perfectly unfortunately she ran round the weaves in a circle twice before doing them and did the tunnel twice too before I got her listening to me


07 April 2009

Not much happening at the moment. I have had more problems with the van so haven't been out anywhere and have missed a couple of agility training sessions. We are looking forward to this weekend though as Van permitting Saffy and Ruby are both enetered in an agility show in Shrewsbury. Ruby has been limping intermittently after hurting her foot nearly a month ago but hopefully she will be OK for the show.
This week I am off work and catching up with the gardening. I have reseeded the back garden and turfed over the bed in the middle of the lawn so will have more space for putting up jumps.
Ruby likes the new turf and has moved her stick collection from under the tree on to the new grass.
While the garden is too wet for jumping Saffy is getting her jumping practice in the house. all the dogs like looking through the serving hatch but Saffy is the only one so far who has found out that she can jump through it.


01 April 2009

if you look carefully at the first picture you can just see the head of a Malinois peering over the fence. The six foot high fence.

I had just gone out the front when I heard the scrambling sound of a dog going up the A frame. except that my A frame has wire all round the bottom to stop the dogs using it when I don't want them to. Saffy however somehow managed to jump over the barricades so she could see where I was going.