29th January 2012

I was out for my normal walk yesterday morning. I had Lily, Daisy, Pippa and Spice with me. We were walking along minding our own business when up ahead I saw a woman with a smallish brown terrier on a lead coming towards us.

As soon as he saw my dogs the Terrier started barking and lunging at the end of his lead. As they got closer to us I could see the lady was struggling to hold him and was being pulled along by him even though he was quite a small dog. In the interests of avoiding any trouble I decided the best thing to do was to move off the footpath and stood in a driveway to let them both pass.

My dogs were very good, they just stood with me and waited while the lady and her ferocious hound passed. They did look fairly incredulous at the amount of noise the other dog was making but they didn't bark back.

As she drew level with us, the lady stopped, looked at me and my dogs just standing there and said to me "four dogs?!!. Gosh, you have got your hands full with those, haven't you!!. Then proceeded to drag her  dog off away from us. He was now hanging back still trying to get at my dogs and still barking his head off. It was a real struggle for the woman to pull him away. Once they were safely gone we carried on with our walk. All four walking nicely on the lead.

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